Downloadable posters for your window or front garden and leaflets that you can print out and distribute

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Most importantly please sign our petition - there is a link on the home page - and ask your friends and contacts to do so.. 

We have put together some information to help you to write to your local Councillors and MPs about the proposed S2 route for the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway, near Oxford.  Please do write to as many as you can. Their names and address are below.  If you know any other influential people, please do try to involve them as well.

We have concentrated on the implications of the S2 route for wildlife. The information we provide is not exclusive and we encourage you to investigate further.

People to write to

Here is an initial list of people you can write to opposing the Expressway and Route S2 –

· Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP– Secretary of State for Transport who will be making the decision -

· Highways England -

· Rt. HonHon. James Brokenshire MP - Secretary of State for Housing Communities and local Government -

. Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP - Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – particularly about Otmoor, Bernwood Forest, Royal Hunting Forest and SSIs etc

· Rt. Hon. Greg Clark MP - Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

. Rt. Hon. Elizabeth Truss MP – Chief Financial Secretary to the Treasury – responsible for transport including HS2 and Oxford Cambridge corridor -

· Jesse Norman MP (Roads Minister in DfT) 

· Iain Stewart MP – Government Champion for the Oxford-Milton Keynes- Cambridge Arc and member of Transport Select Committee -

· John Howell MP – local MP for Henley Constituency -

· Oxfordshire County Council - Leader Ian Hudspeth  and member of Oxfordshire Growth

· OCC - Deputy leader Judith Heathcoat 

· Yvonne Constance, Cabinet Member for Environment which includes roads

· Nigel Tipple, Chief Executive of the Oxfordshire Local Economic Partnership -

· Other members of Oxfordshire Growth Board - 

Councillor Susan Brown Leader Oxford City Council -

· Cllr Barry Wood – Leader Cherwell DC and on Growth Board -

· Cllr Jane Murphy – Leader SODC and on Growth Board -

Felix Broomfield – Deputy Leader SODC -

. Roger Cox - Leader Vale DC

· Cllr James Mills – Leader West Oxon DC and on Growth Board -

· Kirsten Johnson – Local County Councillor -

· Cllr John Walsh – Local SODC Councillor -


General Points on Route S2

1. Any proposed Southern Route and Route S2 will cut through the heart of Oxford’s Green Belt, in contradiction of national and local planning policies and Government’s recent support to continue to protect the Green Belt.

2. A Southern route and Route S2 will cut through a pristine Flood Plain environment and key wildlife corridors: it would cause massive environmental damage – causing great harm to endangered flora and fauna in many SSSI and special sites including - 

· Asham Meads

· Bernwood Forest

· Bernwood Meadow

· Brasenose Woods and Shotover Hill

· Otmoor

· Murcott Meadow

· Shabbington Wood

· Stanton Great Wood 

· Sydlings Copse and College Pond

· Waterperry Wood

· Whitecroos Green and Oriel Woods

· Woodeaton Wood

See map - 



· A unique habitat of rare wetland and grazing floodplain in landlocked Oxfordshire, home to 1,000 acres of nature reserves 

· RSPB reserve

· Sites of Special Scientific Interest, 

· Uncrossed by any road since Roman times

· Thousands of visitors enjoy its special feeling of remoteness, 

· Ancient fen with over sixty rare and protected species.

Otmoor RSPB Reserve

It is a haven for wildlife. Among the rare birds that nest/visit are:

· Turtle Dove (Red List species of conservation concern in the UK; and Biodiversity Action Plan species). These are in decline and numbers are halving every six years

· Bittern. Numbers dramatically declined and almost extinct in UK, but numbers slowly increasing but at very low levels. Present at Otmoor.

· Rare birds of prey - Hen Harrier and Marsh Harrier

There are many other rate and unusual birds that breed or visit here. Information about birds and animals seen (including harriers and bitterns) can be found here: 


Route S2 would run very close to very important to a number of very important heritage sites including –

· Beckley Park, a triple moated Grade I listed hunting lodge with a number of other listed buildings and rare flora

· Shotover House and Park a Grade I listed building with listed buildings and monuments in the park

· A Roman Road crosses Otmoor


· The plan for the whole Oxford-Milton Keynes- Cambridge Arc is to build 1.000,000 additional homes

· The plan for Oxfordshire is to double the number of houses from 283,000 by over 320,000 to over 600,000 by 2050.  There are 55,400 households in Oxford City, so this would mean buildings 6 more towns the size of Oxford.