The big news is that we have reached our target of 10,000 signatures on our petition to the government to save Otmoor and the surrounding area from this road building scheme. This automatically triggers our right to a government response. And not before time.

 We were expecting an announcement on which Corridor has been chosen for the Expressway last month, but have had no word yet.

Instead we have seen a letter from the Housing Minister, Kit Malthouse, to all the councils in the Oxford to Cambridge Arc asking for sites for a million new houses. It seems as if a decision on the route could be linked to the potential housing development.

We have submitted a detailed report about the need to protect Otmoor as part of a submission to Highways England from the Expressway Action Group which is a stakeholder in this process. This EAG report lists the many reasons why the new road should not take the southern route around Oxford and includes an environmental impact assessment on Otmoor.

The ultimate decision on the route of the new expressway will be taken by the Sec. State for Transport, currently Chris Grayling. So please write to him directly.