As you can see from this map, drawn up by the CPRE from what little information Highways England and the National Infrastructure Commission have released, the proposed Route Option B / S2 of the Expressway circulates to the south and east of Oxford. The exact location of the proposed road is very vague, but is likely to pass very close to the villages of Beckley, Stanton St John and Horton-cum-Studley and the eastern edge of Otmoor which on this map is just to the north of Beckley. 

Even if the Expressway doesn't cut directly through Otmoor, the impact of such a huge road nearby will have a dramatic effect on the habitat. 

Click this link for a summary of Highway England's plans: 


This is a more detailed map produced by a local parish council showing how the S2 route cuts through the land near Otmoor. 


otmoor - the evidence

Please read our report on the case against the Otmoor route as submitted to Highways England. Also our comprehensive environmental impact report. Together they present a compelling argument for not building a new road anywhere near the very special place that is Otmoor. 

Otmoor - The Environmental Impact of the S2 Route - Submission to Highways England - Expressway 9.4.18 (docx)


Beckley and Stowood Case Against Route S2 - Expressway Submission 10.4.18 (docx)


it's deja vu all over again

Back in 1984 when the government was looking to build the M40 motorway, one of the proposed routes was through Otmoor. This was the report on the inspector's conclusion:

Ot Moor and the Bernwood Forest complex constituted the most important landscape setting affected by the motorway. He agreed with the objectors that these areas should be avoided and took the view that the published route of the motorway was likely to cause irreparable damage to the scenery and wildlife habitats. In his opinion the motorway across Ot Moor would constitute an unacceptable intrusion into, and destruction of, a coherent landscape setting with its surrounding villages and its effect on Fencott and Murcott would be particularly damaging. He recorded his “very strong opinion that in no circumstances should a motorway be routed through any part of Otmoor nor through the Bernwood Forest complex” (para 8.1.15.)

You can read the original (and successful) case for protecting Otmoor from the M40 - Otmoor Forever! -here (pdf)